About Me

Hello, I’m Maria,

As a divorced single mom who finally finished her business degree, I have over 30 years of working experience in corporate America.   I’ve been in a Controller position for a tech startup, Business Manager for a union cabinet shop, and a Payroll & Benefits Administrator for a national newspaper corporation to name a few. Dabbling the whole time in part-time bookkeeping projects for small businesses.

With this wealth of business experience and knowledge, I decided to live out a lifelong dream to help small business owners. In 2020 Optimum Results Business Solutions was realized.

Now I have the opportunity to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs who want financial clarity with current good business information so that they can make smart financial decisions, identify shortfalls and grow their businesses fast.

I am degreed in Business with an emphasis in Accounting. I am proud to offer clients over 30 years of professional business & bookkeeping knowledge, utilizing accounting industry best practices, processes, and systematized workflows to provide compliant financials.

I am credentialed as a Certified Bookkeeper since 2014 and Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor since 2020.

As a Certified Bookkeeper, my Continued Professional Education (CPE) studies include relevant topics as compliance, processes and keeping Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) at the core of all things bookkeeping.

Most businesses are overwhelmed with all the different hats of the small business owner. Business starts rolling in & expenses rolling out.  Managing the day-to-day urgencies and tasks of the business plus remembering to keep the bank account in the black.

In all this chaos we may forget to plan a strategy based on the financial data available. Nothing makes me happier than creating good data for business owners to make clear, financial decisions, reach long term goals and be a part of that every day.